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'Make the Popcorn!" Trivia Intermissions, Prizes, Bonus, Contests and a wide variety of ads to view makes this exchange site as entertaining as any show. ~ This is the most fun and interactive exchange I have used. Greg is also great with answering any questions you may have. Thanks!

 Peta Kenchington
Have just spent 2 days clearing out my HD of TE, Safelists and other oddments that have NOT worked, or are not worth the time involved in working them. But Greg rest assured HITS a MILLION was NOT one of the deleted ones. This site delivers as promised, you are fantastic, one of the best admins around [included VK in this one- AdBoardZ +is still on HD and working away for me. Anyone thinking about joining these boys, just get and do it now. Over the Top, of course it is, they are the best. Peta Kenchington. Australia PS July 2010 Still here and surfing, thank you to the people who have followed me into this site, you will not regret it, but please upgrade, that is the icing on the cake. Thanks boys. PetaK. Australia Hi Everyone, still here, still using HaM, I would not be without this little Gem of a TE. Use AdBoardz, ValentineHits, & HaM as my main working programs, all excellent, but HaM cannot be beaten for efficiency, 'nice' admin, and lovely associates so join us all. PetaK Aust.

Since I started using Hits-a-million I've been getting more views and a better sign up ratio than with some of the other rotor services. Thanks HitSam!!

This is an awsome site, it really gets you some traffic and is so easy to use.

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